Friday, November 29, 2013

Show archive...

Here's an incomplete list of our past shows. Get in touch if you remember details that we forgot.

2013.11.16 – Nut House in South Philly with PUSHIN IT TO THE LIMIT, WET BRAIN (OH) and AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE (NY)

2013.11.15 – LAVA Space in West Philly with IN DEFENCE (MN) and COFFIN DUST

2013.11.04 – Wolf Cycles in West Philly with RULETA RUSA (CA) and ALEMENT



2013.10.23 – Acheron in Brooklyn, NY with BLACK ANVIL, MORTALS and TRENCHGRINDER

2013.10.12 – MUHO House in Middletown, CT with IRON HAND, WEALD and PYKA

2013.10.11 – The Firehouse in Worcester, MA with SET and TRIFORIUM DAWN

2013.10.09 – Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, NJ with RODENT LORD, SILENT ORDER and 45 A.D.

2013.10.03 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly with EARTHLING (VA), ASHENCULT, and CASKET

2013.09.14 – The Farm in West Philly with WIMP TALK, FUTURE PRIMITIVE and WESTBORO BAPTIST CHOIR


2013.08.31 – The Coffee Pot in Roanoke, VA with ANGRY YOUTH and MUNG CHOKE

2013.08.30 – Huntingdon House in Baltimore, MD with OCCULT 45 and SPOILAGE

2013.08.28 – Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA with POISON IDEA, EAT THE TURNBUCKLE, OCCULTIST and THE BROOD

2013.07.21 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly for PHILLY PUNX PICNIC with ALEMENT

2013.07.03 – Sofi's House in Philadelphia, PA with MOHAWKTOWN

2013.06.22 – Punk Island Pier in Staten Island, NY at DISPATCHES FROM THE UNDERGROUND STAGE

2013.06.21 – Wild Turkey in Queens, NY

2013.06.14 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly with SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE (CA), DAYS OF HATE and THEE ADULTS

2013.05.03 – Rock Room in Pittsburgh, PA with THEE ADULTS, PARANOIAS

2013.04.28 – Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA with SACRIFICIAL BLOOD, DECAP ATTACK and CYNICISM

2013.04.25 – The Mitten in West Philly with ASYLUM (VA), BATWORM and VEGAN LEGIONS

2013.04.18 – Pariah in South Philly with EEL, SPENT FLESH, TRAUMA TRIGGERS and KANKERS

2013.03.30 – Voltage in Philadelphia, PA with ALEMENT, RETREEVERS and +HIRS+

2013.03.29 – The Farm in West Philly with NO TOMORROW (NC), PLAGUE DOGS and ALEMENT

2013.03.16 – Wolf Cycle in West Philly with NEUTRAL FIXATION (MA), MAINLINE COCKSUCKERS and BATWORM

2013.03.05 – JR'S in South Philly with HOT GRAVES (FL)

2013.02.10 – The Farm in West Philly

2013.01.22 – JR'S in South Philly with SIX IN LINE (SWEDEN) and SONIC PULSE (MA) - **this was Rob's first show playing in Repellers**

2012.12.01 – Pariah in South Philly with ALEMENT, NIGHTFALL, SALVACION (NC) and NECROPSY (MD)

2012.11.13 – Golden Tea House in West Philly with MORTALS, HOUND and PISSGRAVE

2012.09.13 – Golden Tea House in West Philly with INTER ARMA (VA) and HIVELORDS

2012.08.23 – Pariah in South Philly with OILTANKER (CT) and PLAGUE DOGS

2012.07.21 – Beaumont Warehouse in West Philly with WAKE (CAN), DEKODER (CAN), TRENCHFOOT (NY) and NO LESSONS LEARNED

2012.07.07 – Mojo Main in Newark, DE with CLOBBERSAURUS and PRONE TO VIOLENCE

2012.07.06 – The Farm in West Philly with CRACKBOX (LA) and MEA CULPA (LA)

2012.07.05 – Sofi's House in Philadelphia with SERPENT THRONE

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick update...

Hey everyone,
The last couple of months have been crazy busy for us and we are stoked. We are going full speed ahead with our releases and tour but there's a lot of information that's still being worked on so for now just hold tight till we can get all the info sorted out. The current show schedule is looking like this (minus the details, of course. Weren't you paying attention?):

12.27.13 @ Pariah in South Philly
1.23.14 in New Brunswick, NJ with NO TOMORROW
1.24.14 in Philadelphia, PA with NO TOMORROW
1.25.14 in Baltimore, MD with NO TOMORROW
1.26.14 in Richmond, VA with NO TOMORROW
1.27.14 in Durham, NC
1.28.14 in Columbia, SC
1.29.14 in Chattanooga, TN
1.30.14 in Macon, GA with DEAD HAND
1.31.14 in Atlanta, GA with DEAD HAND
 2.1.14 in Knoxville, TN
 2.2.14 in Harrisonburg, VA

Updates as soon as I get them.
Wanna get in touch?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween

Breaking news from REPELLERS Headquarters: 

  • Our masters came back for the DEAD HAND split and everything sounds awesome so it's off to the pressing plant. 
  • The video is in editing right now and shouldn't be all that much longer til we can look at it.
  • We've started booking our mini-tour of the east coast for late Jan/early Feb. We are gonna do a couple dates with our friends NO TOMORROW and head deep south and play a couple shows with our buds in DEAD HAND.
  • Tony started wearing some dumb hat this summer and then promptly left it at Repellers HQ. If he doesn't take it home with him after band practice tonight it's going in the trash. More details as the story develops.

In other news, we've got a couple of fun shows coming up. Check em out...
11/02/13 @ ABC No Rio, NYC with RULETA RUSA, FUTURE PUNX and ONEIRONAUGHT 11/04/13 @ Wolf Cycles in West Philly with RULETA RUSA and ALEMENT
11/16/13 @ The Nut House in South Philly with WET BRAIN, AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE and PUSHIN' IT TO THE LIMIT

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Awesome weekend of shows in New England

We had an awesome time up north. Thanks to our friends in Worcester and Middletown for making the shows awesome and fun.
Our practice space flooded while we were away and needs to be torn down and rebuilt but that's the bad news. The good news is that we were playing shows when it happened and all of our gear was with us. So we came back to a few soggy cables and mic stands. Could've been a hell of a lot worse.
We have a bunch of really fun shows coming up and we're always adding more. Check in here for the updated list of upcoming shows.

10/23/13 @ Acheron in Brooklyn, NY with BLACK ANVIL, MORTALS and TRENCHGRINDER
11/2/13 @ ABC No Rio in NYC with RULETA RUSA, SAD BOYS and LA MISMA
11/4/13 @ Wolff Cycles in Philadelphia with RULETA RUSA and ALEMENT
11/16/13 @ House show in South Philly - details as soon as we get them

You can always get in touch here:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Check it out! Today we are releasing our download only tune called "Amorphous". It is available in the form of a snazzy download card at our shows for one measly dollar, free if you buy any other merch or if you just ain't got time to wait, you can go download it from bandcamp.
We are also happy to report that the music for our split with Dead Hand is off being mastered and the music for our split with Alement is not far behind it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We are beyond stoked to have been asked to play with Black Anvil, Mortals and Trenchgrinder in Brooklyn!

We are also excited for our video shoot which is just two days away @ The Farm in West Philly. We will be shooting all day and we need a crew so if you are around and can make it out, come get goofy with us.

Here's an updated list of our shows:
10/3/13 @ Millcreek in Philly
10/12/13 @ House show in Middletown, CT
10/23/13 @ Acheron in Brooklyn
10/26/13 @ DGB House in Pine Hill, NJ
11/2/13 @ ABC No Rio in NYC


Monday, September 16, 2013

Awesome weekend of shows...

Many thanks to everyone for making the shows this weekend some of the most fun Repellers shows to date. Richmond Punx Picnic was so sick and The Farm in West Philly the next night was beyond belief. Thanks to everyone who said nice words about the set, bought merch, made us breakfast and got stoked to see us. We feel grateful to be so loved.
Up next is our video shoot for "The Riddle of Steel" Saturday, Sept 28th @ Noon @ The Farm in West Philly. Show up and be in the video. Repellers is buying the beer and food.
Our next Philly show is Thursday, Oct 3rd @ Millcreek with Earthling and Casket.
Thanks again, hope to see you at a show.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Show updates and video shoot...

This just in from Repellers headquarters....
Repellers will be playing RICHMOND PUNX PICNIC this Friday! Also, we are playing at our favorite West Philly venue, The Farm on Saturday for a benefit for Pete's MS ride. Also, we just confirmed playing a ABC No Rio Saturday Matinee on Saturday, November 2nd with Ruleta Rusa, Sad Boys, and La Misma!
In other news, we are shooting a music video at The Farm, Saturday September 28th starting around noon and we need all the Philly major ragers to be there. The video will be for our song "The Riddle of Steel" which will be on our upcoming split with GA's DEAD HAND. If you don't know them yet, you should get on it.
Also, the songs for our split 7" with ALEMENT are just about ready for mastering and we couldn't be more stoked about that and everything that's been going on in Repellers camp lately.
Thanks everyone for the great responses and all the love lately.
Here's a complete list of our upcoming shows -
09/13/13 - Richmond Punk Picnic in Richmond, VA
09/14/13 - The Farm in Wild West Philly
10/03/13 - Millcreek Tavern in Wild West Philly
10/11/13 - Worcester, MA - details TBA
10/12/13 - Boston, MA - details TBA
10/13/13 - Harford, CT - details TBA
10/14/13 - Mountclaire, NJ - details TBA
10/23/13 - Brooklyn, NY - Mortals record release show
11/02/13 - NYC, NY - ABC No Rio