Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter 2015 update

An update on here is long overdue. Here's what has been happening around REPELLERS HQ lately:
After some trouble with a deadbeat pressing plant and some legal action to get our money and lacquers back, the split 7" with ALEMENT is back on track and due for a spring release. Also on the horizon is our split 10" with MORTALS which is going to be released on BROKEN LIMBS RECORDINGS. We are also excited to have an exclusive song on the upcoming all-philly cassette comp on SUICIDE BONG TAPES.
Our split 7" with DEAD HAND has been repressed and is now available in a wicked looking blue splatter. You can pick up your copy from DIVINE MOTHER RECORDINGS HERE.
In other news, we are writing some of our best material to date for our first full-length which we are shooting to record early summer. Also in the works, an 11 day tour for early May. Dates and details ASAP.
Here's a current list of where you can catch REPELLERS live:
January 31st - ABC No Rio in NYC

February 6th - Barclay House in Baltimore, MD

February 7th - Gooski's in Pittsburgh, PA

April 11th - Beaumont Warehouse in Philadelphia, PA

contact us:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Upcoming REPELLERS shows:

7.18- Philadelphia, PA @ Gray's Ferry Skatepark with Sheer Mag, Glitter, Pushin' it 2 the Limit, Janelle, and Mexican Slang (Toronto)  

7.24 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Rock Room
7.25 - Columbus, OH @ 15th House - event page
7.26 - NEED HELP ASAP - email
7.27 - Appleton, WI @ Poison Estate - event page
7.28 - Minneapolis, WI @ Memory Lanes - event page
7.29 - Joplin, MO @ Cesspool Castle - event page
7.30 - Dallas, TX @ Taqueria Pedritos - event page
7.31 - Shreveport, LA @ Dalzell House
8.1 - New Orleans, LA @ Some Warehouse - event page
8.2 - New Orleans, LA - hanging with friends and family in NOLA. Somebody better take us swimming.
8.3 - NEED HELP ASAP - email
8.4 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 - event page
8.5 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Record
8.6 - Columbia, SC @ Foxfield - event page
8.7 - Wilmington, NC @ Reggie's
8.8 - Greensboro, NC @ Hippo Records - w/ ALEMENT
8.9 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland - w/ ALEMENT
8.10 - Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile - w/ ALEMENT
8.11 - Baltimore, MD @ DisHaus - w/ ALEMENT

8.15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Gold Coast with Cleansing Wave
8.31 - Philadelphia, PA @ JR's - Detest Fest

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shows update.

Upcoming Repellers shows:

4/16 - Wednesday @ Millcreek Tavern, Philly with SGNLS, In Heat and Finished

4/27 - Sunday matinee @ Beaumont Warehouse, Philly with Mohawktown, Dekkera and This Way Children

5/9 - Friday @ Don Pedro, Brooklyn with The Will, Citizen Blast Kane, Gozer and Skab Eaters

5/23 - Friday @ Beaumont Warehouse, Philly with Unholy Grave, War Master and Total Fucking Destruction

6/13 - Friday @ Siren Records, Doyelstown, PA with Black Friday Death Count

6/14 - Saturday @ The Farm, Philly withDeath of Kings, Alement and Mower

Monday, March 10, 2014

Riddle of Steel video online

We are beyond excited to "release" our video for the Riddle of Steel that we shot in the fall at our favorite Philly DIY venue, The Farm. If you wanna get your hands on the record that the song is on, you can get it mail order through Divine Mother Recordings. Pretty sure that Sit & Spin Records and Creep Records have a few copies if you're in Philly and want to pick it up. Our next show is gonna be a benefit for a good friend of the band that lost a family member. We're trying to get some folks together to ease the staggering cost of putting their loved one to rest. Come out if you can. It's a Sunday matinee and it's all ages. Here's the link to the event page.

The tracks for our split 7" with ALEMENT are being mastered right now. We're hoping for an early summer release and a tour to support following in the summer. Details on all of that soon.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stream and pre-order our new record...

Sunday, January 19, 2014


We're hitting the road in less than a week! This time we're starting in New Brunswick, NJ and heading south to Georgia then looping around a coming back to Philly. Our split 7" with DEAD HAND is gonna release while we are on the road and we're beyond happy to be able to be there in their home town for the record release. We've also got some new shirts that look awesome. I'll post a photo when the upload button on here gets itself unstuck. More details later but here's the info and tour dates. See you soon.

Jan 23rd - Thursday - New Brunswick, NJ @ The Ranch with No Tomrrow

Jan 24th - Friday - Philadelphia, PA @ The Farm with No Tomorrow, The Brood andStinking Lizaveta

Jan 25th - Saturday - Baltimore, MD@ Barclay House with No Tomorrow, Lotus Fucker, Dopecopper and Friendbeast.

Jan 26th - Sunday - Richmond, VA Strange Matter with No Tomorrow, Asylum and Prisoner

Jan 27th - Monday - Durham, NC @ Fellowship Hall with City of Medicine andCORPSE MOUNTAIN

Jan 28th - Tuesday - Columbia, SC Foxfield Bar and Grille with NO, NEVERFALL, and NINGAS TONGAS

Jan 29th - Wednesday - Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium

Jan 30th - Thursday - Macon, GA @ Fresh Produce Records with Dead Hand, Gurgle Twins and Taped Fist

Jan 31st - Friday - Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn with Death of Kings. Wolves and Jackals and Dead Hand

Feb 1st - Saturday - Greensboro, NC @ New York Pizza

Feb 2nd - Sunday - Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile with Earthling VA Thrones of Deceit and INTER ARMA

Friday, November 29, 2013

Show archive...

Here's an incomplete list of our past shows. Get in touch if you remember details that we forgot.

2013.11.16 – Nut House in South Philly with PUSHIN IT TO THE LIMIT, WET BRAIN (OH) and AGGRESSIVE RESPONSE (NY)

2013.11.15 – LAVA Space in West Philly with IN DEFENCE (MN) and COFFIN DUST

2013.11.04 – Wolf Cycles in West Philly with RULETA RUSA (CA) and ALEMENT



2013.10.23 – Acheron in Brooklyn, NY with BLACK ANVIL, MORTALS and TRENCHGRINDER

2013.10.12 – MUHO House in Middletown, CT with IRON HAND, WEALD and PYKA

2013.10.11 – The Firehouse in Worcester, MA with SET and TRIFORIUM DAWN

2013.10.09 – Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, NJ with RODENT LORD, SILENT ORDER and 45 A.D.

2013.10.03 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly with EARTHLING (VA), ASHENCULT, and CASKET

2013.09.14 – The Farm in West Philly with WIMP TALK, FUTURE PRIMITIVE and WESTBORO BAPTIST CHOIR


2013.08.31 – The Coffee Pot in Roanoke, VA with ANGRY YOUTH and MUNG CHOKE

2013.08.30 – Huntingdon House in Baltimore, MD with OCCULT 45 and SPOILAGE

2013.08.28 – Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA with POISON IDEA, EAT THE TURNBUCKLE, OCCULTIST and THE BROOD

2013.07.21 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly for PHILLY PUNX PICNIC with ALEMENT

2013.07.03 – Sofi's House in Philadelphia, PA with MOHAWKTOWN

2013.06.22 – Punk Island Pier in Staten Island, NY at DISPATCHES FROM THE UNDERGROUND STAGE

2013.06.21 – Wild Turkey in Queens, NY

2013.06.14 – Millcreek Tavern in West Philly with SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE (CA), DAYS OF HATE and THEE ADULTS

2013.05.03 – Rock Room in Pittsburgh, PA with THEE ADULTS, PARANOIAS

2013.04.28 – Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA with SACRIFICIAL BLOOD, DECAP ATTACK and CYNICISM

2013.04.25 – The Mitten in West Philly with ASYLUM (VA), BATWORM and VEGAN LEGIONS

2013.04.18 – Pariah in South Philly with EEL, SPENT FLESH, TRAUMA TRIGGERS and KANKERS

2013.03.30 – Voltage in Philadelphia, PA with ALEMENT, RETREEVERS and +HIRS+

2013.03.29 – The Farm in West Philly with NO TOMORROW (NC), PLAGUE DOGS and ALEMENT

2013.03.16 – Wolf Cycle in West Philly with NEUTRAL FIXATION (MA), MAINLINE COCKSUCKERS and BATWORM

2013.03.05 – JR'S in South Philly with HOT GRAVES (FL)

2013.02.10 – The Farm in West Philly

2013.01.22 – JR'S in South Philly with SIX IN LINE (SWEDEN) and SONIC PULSE (MA) - **this was Rob's first show playing in Repellers**

2012.12.01 – Pariah in South Philly with ALEMENT, NIGHTFALL, SALVACION (NC) and NECROPSY (MD)

2012.11.13 – Golden Tea House in West Philly with MORTALS, HOUND and PISSGRAVE

2012.09.13 – Golden Tea House in West Philly with INTER ARMA (VA) and HIVELORDS

2012.08.23 – Pariah in South Philly with OILTANKER (CT) and PLAGUE DOGS

2012.07.21 – Beaumont Warehouse in West Philly with WAKE (CAN), DEKODER (CAN), TRENCHFOOT (NY) and NO LESSONS LEARNED

2012.07.07 – Mojo Main in Newark, DE with CLOBBERSAURUS and PRONE TO VIOLENCE

2012.07.06 – The Farm in West Philly with CRACKBOX (LA) and MEA CULPA (LA)

2012.07.05 – Sofi's House in Philadelphia with SERPENT THRONE